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Raised By Wolves Candles

Flood Damage Sale - Take A Hike

Flood Damage Sale - Take A Hike

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These candles did not get wet inside and will still burn as normal but they do have water damaged labels. This is a luck of the draw - some labels are very smeared while some just have a drop or two of ink bleed. 

Its 0400; you have your boots strapped up, that 50 lb ruck on your back, and you are now ready for the dreaded 20k that you have to complete. As you depart dew on the ground, one foot in front of the other marching in single file formation. The sun is slowly rising you take a deep breath and you lungs are full of that back to nature smell. That earthy woods scent keeps you going and reminds you of the badass soldier that you are. Dirt beneath you boots you keep marching forward. In your mind you are surrounded by moss, forrest of trees, consumed by an earthy aroma completing some kinda of amazing hike in the mountains when in reality you are still doing that 20k on the outskirts of your military base.

Scent Notes: Earthy, Oak moss, Sandalwood, Clove

7.5 oz Paint Can Candle

Burn Time: 45+ hrs

Custom blend of Soy + Coconut + Beeswax

**All Candles are handcrafted; slight variations and imperfections are to be expected * Dried flowers may vary from photos**

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